Guide To Buying A Baby High Chair

By | September 3, 2017

A high chair will help in making feeding a baby more easy, comfortable and enjoyable for both the parent and the child. High chairs are available in a variety of features, material, style and design. Furthermore, they come in a range of prices all depending on what one wants. It may seem overwhelming when one goes out to purchase a high chair if they do not know what to look for. For more insight click comment choisir votre chaise haute bébé. Furthermore, below is a guide to buying a high chair for your baby.

High Chair Buying Guide

Type of chair

There are different types of high chair types. They include basic metal or plastic frame high chairs. They have a simple design made of either plastic or metal and may have a padded seat or not. Some can be folded and Baby High Chair stored away. The second type is portable and hook-on high chairs these are designed to be attached or strapped to a table.

A third category is the full featured high chairs. These have the essential features of basic model high chairs plus other like a well-padded seat, detachable trays and a safe tray cover that can be washed. Some can be adjusted the height and may have a seat that reclines, and some may have wheels for moving around. There are also other models that are designed to grow with the child that can be converted to a kid-sized chair or a booster chair. Finally, there is the wooden designed high chair.

Size and Space

Consider how much space you have and where you will place the high chair. Do you have enough room to put the particular type of high chair you are planning to buy? If not look for the design that will be ideal for both your child and available space.

Sturdiness and Stability

Look for chairs that are strong, durable and balance well. The wider the base of the high chair the better and greater the stability. Furthermore, the older your child, the more important it is to ensure the high chair can withstand the child’s activities.


baby on  Baby High ChairSafety features are an important consideration and component. Ensure these features are in the high chair; a crotch post which is fixed at the center, safety- restraint system and a safety manufacturer certification showing that the product has met the safety standards.

Finally, look at the comfort of the high chair and ease of cleanliness. Also, do you want a high chair that is adjustability? Lastly, consider how long you plan to use the high chair and what your budget.