Qualities Of The Best Blenders

By | January 7, 2017

The market is entirely flooded with different types and blenders models and with technology every day we have better and improved qualities. There are many blender 2016 that have been manufactured this year. The quality differs from price since we have relatively wide range spectrum of prices. And as the saying goes, cheap is expensive it is recommendable not to purchase the cheapest blender for they may be of low quality. However, this doesn’t mean the most expensive are the best qualities.

Top tips


A good blender will have a longer warranty. A good blender should have a warranty of at least two years; some of theblender best have a seven-year warranty.

This assures you that you won’t be going back to the market anytime soon. For commercial purposes, a guarantee is significantly essential.

Stainless steel blades

Consider a blender with stainless steel blades; they can resist erosion and are highly durable. It is an added advantage if the blade system is sealed at the bottom to help avoid foulness and it’s easy to clean just with just lukewarm water and soap. Sharp blades are not recommendable, especially during cleaning.


If you want a blender for commercial purposes, ensure it can withhold the rigors of heavy ingredients and the production process. Some of the blenders with powerful motors tend to overheat.


You don’t want a machine that will take all your time trying to blend. A machine with the automated and pre-programmed settings will save you the agony. Also, consider how flexible it is to clean the blender.
Either you use your blender for commercial, everyday home purposes, or occasionally, you will need to observe a few maintaining steps. This will help keep your blender in its quality and last longer.
Ensure to assemble the removable parts of the blender carefully. Incorrectly assembled parts won’t blend or may even develop mechanical complications.


using blenderWhile blending you will need plenty or enough of liquid to mix the ingredients efficiently, a dry mixture may end up pushing up from the blades; it may not seem harmful, but it’s not effective either.
Clean your blender every time you use it. If your blender is not self-cleaning, usually use warm water and cleaning detergents and run it on pulse for a few minutes. However, never submerge the base of the blender in water since it is an electrical device.

After cleaning the blender wipe with a soft, dry clean cloth and ensure your blender has ample time to dry then carefully assemble the blender.
Observing the mentioned points, you will have your blender in shape for longer.