Simple Exercises To Get A Flat Stomach

By | May 8, 2016

One surefire way to lose belly fat and have a flat stomach is to stay physically active. You combine that with proper nutrition, and you get an expressway ticket to good health and a splendid physique.

Simple exercises to get a flat stomach


sit upThis is an exercise that specifically targets the upper abdomen. To get going, lie down on the floor, holding both your hands by the ears rather than behind the head so as to reduce the risk of a neck strain. With both of your feet on the floor, bend your knees and then lift the shoulders and upper back away from the floor with the face looking to the ceiling. As you come up, exhale as much as possible, holding for a second, and then inhaling as you go back to the start position. Repeat the moves fifteen to twenty-five times.

Crunch and Twist

This kind of exercise targets the love handles- also known as the obliques. Starting the same way you started as the above exercise, raise up your body slowly, and then try to twist the body from the waist. Try touching the left knee with the right elbow, untwist and return to the starting position. In the next attempt, try the move from the opposite side and touch the right knee with the left elbow. Repeat this on each side for around 10 to 15 times.

Pike and Extend

Lying on the floor, extend your legs over the hips, crunch up as if trying to touch your feet. Bringing the arms back overhead and lower the legs toward the floor. Crunch up again and try reaching your toes with your toes. However, this time, you should bring back the arms overhead, lowering the right leg toward the floor. Repeat this twenty times, alternating between the sides.

Front Bridge Exercises

These type of exercises are wonderful for strengthening one’s core muscles, and they are good for the back as well. Suck the belly button, keeping your body straight as much as possible, avoiding to lock the knees. Just go on breathing and do not hold your breath. Stay in this position for as long as you can endure, then have some rest. Repeat this two to five times, and try to extend the time you endure being in this position.

Hip Lifts

Hip LiftsThis is another simple exercise that will give you a flat stomach. With arms by the sides, lie on the floor with palms facing down and legs over the hips at 90 degrees. Flex your feet and then lift the hips off the floor with the use of your core muscles. Your feet should be held upwards as if reaching to the ceiling. Return to the start position and repeat about fifteen times.