The Latest Toy Craze – Hatchimals

By | April 13, 2017

What is Hatchimals?

You may not have heard about this toy yet; it is one of the most exciting toys this year. It is called Hatchimals where it comes in an egg form, and you can hatch it to get a cute fluffy animal.

This is a very anticipating toy because it comes with a few stages that your kids can play with. From the in-egg playing, hatching, baby stage to the kid stage, your children can learn how to take care of the Hatchimals Toy Pets and have fun at the same time.

What is inside?

Hatchimal The best part is that you and your kids will never know what Hatchimal is inside the egg. While it is in the egg form, your kids can learn to play with it through the different colors from its eyes and the cute sound made by it.

For example, when it shows blue eyes, it means your Hatchimal is cold, and you need to rub the sides of the egg. You can tilt the egg and play with it. It will make cute sounds but beware, if you play with it too much, it will show green eyes and feel dizzy.

Egg hatch

One of the most fun moments is when the egg hatches. It is a unique experience your kids can go through. When the egg flashes with rainbow eyes, it is ready to hatch. Teach your kids to rub the bottom of the egg to encourage the hatching progress. The egg shell will crack, and you will get a cute Hatchimal.

The whole hatching may vary and can take up to 30 minutes. After you get the Hatchimal, you can throw away the egg shell.

What can the Hatchimal do?

melodyThe Hatchimal can sing and interact with your kids. While in the baby stage, it can sing “Happy Birthday” and your kids will have to learn to take care of it. Padding its head will make it feel good and say “I love you.” You can also feed your Hatchimal by tilting her forward.

Your Hatchimal will also go through the toddler and the kid stage. While at the toddler stage, it can sing, walk and even dance. You can also teach her to talk by rubbing her belly until it says “Hello.” You can then talk to it, and it will repeat your words.

There are four games you can play with your Hatchimal at the kid stage. They are very interactive and fun. Like the “Silly Sound” game, where your Hatchimal will tap a pattern, and you have to repeat the pattern through clapping.

Hatchimals are not only a fun toy to own, but it is also a very interactive toy where your kids can learn how to take care of it and play with it.