Three Key Points for picking Grow Tent Kits

By | February 9, 2018

Everyone who is growing plants indoors wants the best results, and you are among the many who want the best too. However, these results will only come when you start off with the right grow tent kits for your plants. They should fit the size, plant orientation, your space limitations, and your budget. Besides that, you want to make choices regarding fluorescent, LED, or HID light features in the grow kits because of fo their various conveniences to you and your plants. There are many other considerations, but the mains ones that affect success rates of the plants grown and the suitability of the whole display are about five. Here is a rundown of the most common considerations when dealing with grow tent kits.


Ventilation and odor control

Plants need air to grow correctly. Meanwhile, they tend to produce oxygen, which can improve the air quality of a room. Besides that, the minerals and other nutrients existing in liquid form mix with the planting medium and produce smells that are strange to humans. Therefore, you must have a way of keeping the odor out while also benefiting from the oxygen generation properties of your complete growth kit. The grow room odor control equipment should take care of this problem automatically since it has fans to blow the air and carbon filter systems to keep the toxic air particles out. It will also come with appropriate ducting and ventilation components for fitting purposes.


Containers and growing mediums

There are necessary for holding the plants in place and for ensuring efficient distribution of both air and nutrients into the root areas of plants for adequate absorption rates. Well-nourished plants will have healthy and attractive leaves that enhance their photosynthetic processes to improve growth rates and yields at the time of harvesting. You need potting soil for your pots, and you must also have durable pots for long-term use. Hydroponic soilless mediums that you select must be suitable for your set up. Follow manufacturer recommendations to avoid busting the pots or breaking your growing tent kit.

Tools and accessories
Tools and accessories

No farmer succeeds without tools. You need pruning and cutting tools to take care of your plants. You must also consider bud trimmers for specific plants that will come with bud growth. Climbing plants will need support ties, which should tolerate heavy moisture and variety weight distribution. Some overlooked accessories, which can transform the survival rates of your plants include microscopes for looking at minute problems in the plant leaves and other surfaces. You should also have sprays, gloves, gardening books, and measuring devices.

After paying attention to this area, you can confidently explore additional preferences for your grow tent kit. These other considerations may include the size you have in your space that you are dedicating for the package. You may also check the available options for sale to confirm the bundled features and what you might need to purchase on the side. In some cases, what is available in the kit is not enough and you need to accessorize to give your plants the best care.